NBT Bank App Reviews

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Community bank has a better app but they also lost my money multiple times

This app might not be as good! I wouldn’t know. At least nbt has never lost my money or allowed fraudulent charges. Unlike community bank.

This app is terrible!!!

This app is incredibly unhelpful. I switched over from Community Bank to NBT Bank recently due to relocation. The Community Bank app is very organized & laid out perfectly. I can see what my charges are in detail, specifically what was taken out/put back in, the dates are always clear, & the font is perfect size with color codes for withdrawal & deposit. This NBT app is absolutely worthless. The font is huge & fat, as if I’m on a child’s game. The set up reminds me of something I would’ve been using back in 2008. It’s not updated & it’s not professional looking at all. It doesn’t have any detail behind the charge. You cannot see if money was deposited or withdrawn, you can hardly tell what’s going on at all. The overall set up is lazy & unorganized. I rely on the app a lot because I’m never at home near a laptop. Even the online banking is pitifully pieced together. I’m very disappointed in the lack of convenience this app brings to me. It needs an update & it needs it fast, please!!

Everything works

Everything works great including mobile deposit. A couple of suggestions-- I wish the location finder included branch information such as which branches have a coin counter machine. Also NBT mobile app account feeds are always 24 hours behind. Most other banks have real-time transaction updates.

No Mobile Deposit

Can’t even find an option for mobile deposit on the App or their mobile site. Online/mobile experience is really just poor.

Won't even open

Downloaded he app & it won't open. Uninstalled & reinstalled multiple times still doesn't work.

Really useful

Really good app runs well for checking balances


I use this to check my balance. I have not had any problems. Very pleased with this app😃

Finally Touch ID

Thank you for adding Touch ID. Was waiting for this. Good banking app that does its job.

A little rough since iOS 10

I like the app overall, but things have been a little up and down since upgrading to iOS10. The camera function when depositing checks is all out of whack. Other than that, I can't complain.

Good app

I'm quite happy with the app but I have just one request. I'm disappointed that the fingerprint log in capability is not utilized. Add that and I'd up the rating to a 5 star.

Mobile deposit does not work

Mobile deposit feature does not work with new OS.

Doesn't work at all

Nothing in this app works after the latest update. Constant errors of "Transaction Declined". Try to log in? Error. Try to touch the menu buttons? Error. If it lets you log in after showing the "Transaction Declined" error, trying to select any option gives the error.

Mobile Deposit Doesn't Work

After updating to iOS 10 mobile deposit stopped working. First it was a bug with the camera, now it throws an error after submitting the deposit. This is with the updated version of the app that is supposed to be compatible with iOS 10.

Needs an update

Online check deposit with the picture doesn't work properly with IOS 10, please fix! This app is long overdue for an update anyways.

Check deposit

Needs to be updated ASAP! Relying on this to avoid NSF fee and deposit a check when unable to get to the bank. It won't work!!!

Needs update

Check deposit does not work with iOS 10.

Can't deposit a check in ios 10

Check deposit doesn't work with ios 10. Please update!!!

Needs fixing with ios10

Does not work with new update. Cannoy deposit a check with picture because the bottom half is black and it won't take the picture. Needs to be updated!!

They don't care enough about the app

NBT doesn't care enough about the app to actually make sure all the features work let alone making sure they at least keep up with the competitors. I switched from Bank of America to NBT and was extremely disappointed with the app. I can't do a mobile deposit, they don't have Touch ID and their app looks like it was one of the first apps ever built for the iPhone.

Little Old School,but needs Fix for IOS 10

The program looks a little dated,but does the job. Too bad the check scan function doesn't work yet with IOS 10.

Need a facelift

This app has a user face that could use an update. Other banking app I have used in the past are very smooth and even allow you to use your finger print to long In. Also there is a long wait time for withdrawals to appear in your account it will show as pending but what you actually have in your account and what is available is the same it is confusing to tell what you really have unless you keep a log of your purchases and withdrawals yourself which in this day and age defeats the purpose of having this app.


Literally would be a some what nice app, if it didn't take 3 days just to update all of your transactions and spendings. Puts me negative just because it takes 3 days for a withdrawal to come in and make it positive.

Worst Banking app

This has been the most inconvenient and confusing app. The balance information is never up to date where other banking apps are.


100% of mobile deposit attempts result in a "deposit failed" message. 90% of them actually do fail. You have to wait a day or two to see if it actually worked. When you complain, Customer Service sends you a garbage pencil outline of your check image and says, "See? This is what you sent us." As if the problem is with your iPhone 6 camera and not their app.

Stopped working

Junk!! Used to work fine and was very convenient. Now it stopped allowing me to choose an account to deposit into. It is not a problem with my account, all other information is present & correct. Uninstalled & reinstalled app -- doesn't help. Contacted support and they are clueless. Update your app!!


This app is far too limited in application and has not been upgraded to include options such as 'Touch ID' as of yet.

Pretty bad

Won't remember my user name despite having it set to save the user name. Check deposits do not work.


I just downloaded the App so i can watch my acct. I can't sign in as the system does not recognize my user ID. However, I have no problem signing in on my computer.

Doesn't work

NBT needs to fix this, logging in doesn't work at all, even though it does on my computer. You shouldn't publish apps that don't serve a purpose, bad company policy.


I opened up the app and it worked great the first time. I attempted to go back in a few hours later, and I couldn't get passed the first NBT loading screen. Has potential, but needs a lot of work.

Fix this app please

It is so convenient to use capital one and discover apps but this one does not work can't even login. I still use the regular website


I'm sure this would be a great app...if it WORKED! I can't ever get it to open. It says my login and password are incorrect. That's funny, I just changed it. Either I'm seriously losing my mind because I can't remember my user name and password in the 1 minute since I just created them or you app is really flawed! Fix it!

Horrible Service

Nbt and this app have what I can easily say is the worst service imaginable. If you happen to check your accounts in the middle of the night the app will not tell you an accurate amount which leaves the possibilities for them to charge you overdraft fees and anything else they can come up with. This is ridiculous from people we are leaving in charge of our funds. My advice is to stay away from this app and switch banks to receive a much friendlier and caring service.

Doesn't work!

It won't allow me to log in. It tells me to call in, yet gives no number. I'm going to have to get a bank that can keep up in the 21st century.

Does Not Work

The app was great before the update. I can no longer log in. It always says my password is incorrect. I asked a teller at the bank about it, and she said she can't use hers either.

Login ID Errors

I downloaded the app from Apple store without any problems. However it doesn't allow me to login.... Login ID Error. I can login fine on a browser which I ended up creating a link to NBT Bank. NBT Bank has to fix these kind of errors if they want to compete with other banks.

Mobile Deposit doesn't work

The app is decent and an improvement over the previous version. I was excited for the convince of mobile deposit but it will not let me select the account to deposit to and therefore it doesn't work. I contacted customer service and a worker in their office tried it on their device with the same results. She said she would forward the problem to tech support. This was almost a month ago. I'm disappointed that an update hasn't been issued to fix the problem yet.


Says network lost connection every time I try to use it. Thanks for not letting me bank from my phone anymore...

Can't log in anymore

I can't log in since the latest upgrade, keeps saying my password is incorrect even though it works fine on my laptop. Had no problems with the last one and used it all the time. Now I can't even get access to my accounts through my phone.

Ok when it works

I like the updates but so far the app rarely works. It worked great the first time. Now it is never actually accurate to what my account online shows. Online it will show my deposits, but on the app it won't show the same activity/balance. I also have only been able to use mobile deposit once, and now it won't work. It's like the app got "stuck" and won't refresh. I also do not like that I have to answer a challenge question every time I log in...but maybe that's just because it isn't working correctly

Great update

Lots of great improvements, glad to see active development on this app. Mobile deposit is so convenient!




I can sign in answer the challenge question then put in my password and it crashes. Unable to connect to mobile server. Happened so much got locked out of my account.

Going backward

NBT apparently disabled its online banker for mobile to force customers like me to use this app. The app only allows one mobile device per account, even for joint accounts, and I have to use different login information than if access from a non-mobile OS. And that's before I even get into the app. Poorly thought out, poorly executed, and poorly communicated.


Expect more from a banking app, would have been acceptable when iOS first came out, but by today's standards and the functionality available in the sdk this app is a miss. Nice to see upcoming additions being promoted, hopefully there is more attention paid to detail in newer versions

Good Upgrade

As an NBT customer I'm happy to see you have finally updated the app. One suggestion for future updates. I should be able to log in using TouchID. It's extremely secure and I was sad to see it wasn't included in this major update.

Can't Remember My Password

This app is limited and lacks many of the features other banks have. I can't deposit money and now I can't login to my account because they closed at 7 pm. Great.

Can I give less than one star?

Just a terrible app in general, hasn't worked for me once, the call center might as well not exist, would advice deleting the app if you have it already


Never works


This app is a waste of space for me. I cannot login without a mobile login ID which has to be set up through NBTs website, yet there is no option on the website to do this?? I have been with Pennstar for years and was glad to see that NBT had an app when they took over but the app doesn't work for me.

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